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True Vine Church is led by our pastor Mike Connolly, supported by his wife Karen together with a leadership team consisting of: Maarten and Jane Herman, Peter Herman, Reuben Mowle, Peter and Sarah Rudd, Faye Smith and Andy Stubbings. The church appointed Michael Parsons as Operations Manager to assist with the day-to-day running of the church.

our team:
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Mike Connolly

Church Pastor

Mike is married to Karen and they have two sons Luke and Charlie. Mike became a member of the Church in 1993, with Karen following two years later after they were married in April 1995.  Having  come down from Glasgow Mike left behind a history of drug addiction, prison and long spells in psychiatric hospitals. Becoming a Christian in 1988, Jesus led him step by step out of drug addiction and mental illness. Mike was appointed our Pastor in September 2009.

Karen Connolly

Pastor's Assistant

Karen was born on the island.  Before becoming a christian she spent every weekend drinking, clubbing and looking for love in all the wrong places... but life just felt empty.  In 1989 her friend shared the Gospel with her and she realised her heart was empty and needing filling with God's love.  That night she became a christian and has never looked back.  Karen is now actively involved working for the church alongside her husband, Pastor Mike.  They both love to minister the love of God to people in church and across the island.  Karen loves a good girly film, clothes shopping and having fun with her family and friends.  

Michael Parsons

Operations Manager

Michael has recently been appointed as the churches Operations Manager. Providing day-to-day support to the church in a wide range of areas including admin, communications, facilities management, building hire and assisting the pastor and leadership team in the smooth running of the church. Previously he spent 9 years working for a university as a TV studio technician/facilities manager and used these skills to launch the churches live streaming operation during the pandemic.

Maarten and Jane.JPG
Maarten & Jane Herman

Leadership Team

Maarten and Jane have been married since 1989 and have three children (Becca, Peter and Josh).  They have lived on the Island since 2003 and joined this Church at that time.  Maarten is a University Lecturer in Southampton and plays bass guitar in the worship band.  Jane is a registered nurse and is currently retraining to become a Health Coach; she is also actively involved in the Prayer Ministry.  Together they are part of the Church’s Leadership Team, oversee the homegroups and also host their own homegroup.

Reuben M TVC.JPG
Peter Herman

Leadership Team

Peter has lived on the island since 2003. He has done some overseas missionary work with Mission24 and youth work in Burton on Trent. He’s now currently at Solent University studying Graphic Design. In his spare time he enjoys piano and spending time with his family and friends. He has a passion for people coming to Jesus and is hungry to see the younger generation to surrender their lives to Him.

Reuben Mowle

Leadership Team

Reuben starting attending True Vine Church in his 20’s, since then he has contributed to the worship ministry and has recently joined the leadership team. His full time profession is a videographer and photographer where he specialises in high quality social media content. Reuben is happily married to his wife Jess, they both look forward to what the Lord has instore for their lives.  

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Faye S.JPG
Andy Stubbings.JPG
Peter & Sarah Rudd

Leadership Team

Peter and Sarah have attended True Vine Church since their marriage in 1990.  They are responsible for the management of finances within the church, general administration and Peter is also Chair of Trustees of the church's charitable trust. They have two grown up children, Nick and Abi. Peter is a Business Manager at the Isle of Wight GP Federation and Sarah is the administrator for Isle of Wight Youth for Christ.

Faye Smith

Leadership Team

Faye has been a member of our church since the day she was born (she played Mary in the Christmas nativity at the age of 4!) In her student days Faye studied at Bath University, and went onto work in a secondary school. She is currently employed by West Wight Churches as a Youth Worker with Isle of Wight Youth for Christ. At church Faye plays the drums in the worship team, helps with youth work and occasionally does some preaching. Faye is a proud Auntie to her nephews and nieces who can often be spotted running around our building on a Sunday!

Andy Stubbings

Leadership Team

Andy has been part of the church since its inception. He is married to Angela and has three grown-up sons. Andy has been in business with his brother Si for the past 39 years, running an agricultural, grounds care and construction machinery dealership.  He oversees the Prophetic ministry at True Vine Church and speaks regularly on Sundays.

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